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Paul Barrett

2011 12 07

Hello everyone in Botwood. Been a long time since I’ve been home. Miss the place and miss the people. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


Allan Squires

2011 12 05

Hi Jerry, yes ,I remember you and your family and your freckels. You lived near the bridge going over to Northern Arm N. We went to the old school in Northern Arm S. Your family moved to Ont. when we were very young. I left home in Sept. 1963 and has been back a few times many years ago. Al Squires, Ontario

John Englouen

2011 11 30

Hello Botwood, although I have never lived there, I feel that your city is a very important part of our heritage. My Dad immigrated there from China when he was very young. I never did hear anything much about Botwood growing up. but did after my dad passed. I would love to visit someday to see the town that my dad worked in. Wish everyone all the best!!

Christine snow campbell

2011 11 14

i try and get home every year ,i love my home town of botwood

June V. Sheppard (Boggs)

2011 10 14

I am trying to find relatives of my mother and father.  Mary Patience Lidstone and Henry James Sheppard.  Thanks for your help.  June


2011 10 09

hi,im just wondering if anyone would know where diane snow might be these days. im not sure if she is in botwood anymore.she left years ago.she got a sister marilyn,a brother bill and i believe calvin.i never saw her in over 20 years,im just wondered if anyone might have any info about her, a email address or something,thanks.


2011 09 22

my first trip to sea on the DARTWOOD I WAS16 was to botwood in 1959 ihave never forgot how friendly everyone was id always hope to get back


2011 08 22

Just found an old photo of me as a baby taken in Botwood Art Studio by E.J. Lanning. In 1955.

Mae Penney

2011 08 06

Looking for Roy Short. He was 1 of a twin and his dad was a barber. Email me some info please. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

edna ball davis

2011 08 02

looking for friends i went to school with , love to hear from them

Doug Forrest

2011 07 22

I was a frequent visitor to Botwood in the years 1957, 1958, 1959, on the SS Berylstone, we were only a young crew but the people of Botwood made us feel very welcome we made a lot of friends there and it is the type of place i would love to re-visit, if any one remembers me please get in touch

Doug Forrest

H. Englouen

2011 06 08

Hello to all the good people of Botwood. This is the first time l’ve posted here. l’m sorry l missed my opportunity to see Botwood’s 150th Home Come Year. My father lived and worked in this town when he was only 16 yrs old as a landed immigrant. He was around…get this during the Dirty 30’s! l feel l have some kinship to the people who came from Europe to settle in Botwood I currently reside in Vancouver B.C. My father passed away at the age of 94 in 2002. But before he did, he told me stories of his young life and how hard it was and the things he seen in Botwood. As a matter of fact, before he passed he shared a secret with me and this secret has aged and resides with me to this very day. l feel very fornuate to where l am now and wanted to take to opportunity to say that l’m thinking of you all in Botwood. l have much more l could say but to say thanks for giving my father his opportunity to work in Newfoundland in what is now a part of our Canada.

l hope to bring my family for a visit thru the Maritimes and a chance to see Botwood for l have never been there yet. l look forward to visiting your town this year.


Winston&Cecile; Butler

2011 06 03


Ralph Sälzer

2011 06 01

Hi, have been in Botwood regularly with M/S “Charlotte Bastian” in the early 80ies. Remember of having a great time with Terry Brent (?) ho took me on a Moose hunting trip. Great fun, esp as we havn’t seen any smile
Best wishes Ralph

Donna Stuckless

2011 05 29

to bill hammond i know marilyn and peggy   well   we all hung out at the dewdrop at that time   marilyn is still here in botwood and peggy is in ontario

Charlene park-pollett

2011 05 17

I miss my hometown and I did not make it home for come home year but I am planning on coming home this year I have lived in Halifax for over 10 years I miss my family and friends and may move home later on in life. Would love to know what is going on this summer?

gary jewer

2011 04 25

hi all looking for old party buddy’s and new one to so if u like to party come chat we may have a good party on the go


2011 04 08


No direct relationship with Rev. Edward!

Kristel Burt

2011 04 06

I was raised in Botwood. My family, friends and heart are still there. I just wanted to let Mr. Canning know that he will always be remembered in Botwood for being a wouderful teacher with a great sence of compassion for his students. Compassion and equality in a teachers heart is not that easy to come by. Mr. Canning actually taught my brother. To this day my brother says he was the best teacher he ever had. Take care Mr. Canning

Fred White

2011 03 13

Spent Some time in Botwood In the early 1980 ,s .  I have many fond memories of this part of Newfoundland . I,ts a Great place with exceptionally nice people . Cheers!

Jerzy Matuszczak

2011 02 18


Anybody can help with nice pics from Botwood which I could use in my web page
It is crazy web page about airports, travel and weather. Already over 2.000 places have added pics need something from Botwood.
Thank for help


Winston & Cecile Butler

2011 02 17

It;s nice to go on botwood website to see what is happening down home.

Lydia (White) Bennett

2011 01 18

Hello Botwood Residents:
I am trying to locate a nursing classmate, Pearl Purchase.  Our nursing class graduated in 1961 from the Grace Hospital in St. John’s.  We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our graduation this June 2011.  Pearl was married in the 60’s to Sandy Mercer.  Could anyone provide any information on her whereabouts.  It would be very much appreciated.
Lydia Bennett
Brampton, Ontario

Austin Canning

2011 01 17

HELLO BOTWOOD ;                                                                    I was not born( that being my bad luck,) but I certainly did have the (good luck )of spending THE BEST OF MY LIFE IN BEAUTIFUL BOTWOOD .In 1971,I began teaching in Peterview for six great years , commuting from Adams’ Avenue apartments. I moved to Gr, 6   at MEMORIAL AC, until retirement. Many memories of Botwood are in Billy Joel’s song * MY LIFE * Contacts Welcomed.Aus Canning

Claire M Thibault

2011 01 15

I really enjoyed   the site. I have heard so much about Botwood from my boyfriend Robert (Bob) Budgell. I am glad I took the time to stop by and take a look around. I am truly looking forward to coming to Botwood and soak in the beauty of this town. I am a east coast gal so I am sure I will love it See you hopefully in 2012 along with Bob that is now with me in Cambridge Ontario


2010 12 23




2010 12 08

lomg time to see, every time i miss home this website pick me back up. stay strong Botwood

Winston Cecile Butler

2010 12 05

Just want to say I to all the people in botwood.

Dennis Devine

2010 11 05

Hello everyone in Botwood.                                      Greetings from a wet and cold North East of England.
I was surfing websites on the geology of Newfoundland when I happened to see this website of Botwood. I must say how I have enjoyed it and how it has brought back many happy memoriesfor me.                                                        I was in Botwood in the spring of 1953, a young engineer on board the SS Oakby. We were loading phosphates to ship to New York.                                                            May I say a belated big thank you for the warm welcome you people gave us.
God bless you all.
Dennis Devine

George Andrew Langdon

2010 10 29

I am the son of Henry And jean Langdon.. First of all I like to Thank the Come Home Year Committee for the great job they done. secondly i am counting the days for my retirement so i can return to the town I was born in , and only tow i did and will call H-O-M-E;

Ashley Belbin

2010 10 04

Daughter of Connie Elliott and Terry Belbin.
Last in Botwood in the Christmas of 2009 and going to be back in the Christmas of 2010 and Summer of 2011.
Currently living in Alberta

Gloria Young

2010 09 25

Attempting to contact Susan Holmes re her Stein relatives but she never left her email address,if you read this Susan you can reach me at this address (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or phone me at 709 257 3217.

Scott Sceviour

2010 08 27

As chair of the Come Home Year Committee I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the committee members for their hard work and determination. To all the service clubs, businesses, sponsors, Town staff inside & outside workers, Coordinators Megan Stuckless & Murray Roberts and all those who volunteered their time, A job well done. On behalf of the committee a huge Thank You to all those who took part in each and every event, without particpation from you the citizens ,an event like this would not happen. To sum it all up, It was a phenominal 10 days of meeting old friends and enjoying each and every event. Hats off to everyone. It went beyond our expectations.


2010 08 26

Silly question, but does anyone know of a family that took in foster kids (more specifically, newborns) back in the 70’s in Botwood? Would be around ‘76.

Thanks very much

Stephanie Philpott

2010 08 12

I love Botwood and I miss it so much. my clan Osmond/Philpott love you all. Cant wait to be back home one day soon.

John Kelly

2010 08 11


Susan Holmes

2010 08 10

My father was born in Botwood on June 8th, 1917 to Alice and Ceil Stein.  His brothers and sisters were:  Ceil Jr., Bernard, Anna Belle, Margaret (Peggy), and Mark.

Distant relative is Cecil Stein - Mayor of Stephenville, NF

Anybody have any information on the Stein family or living relatives please email me.  I am also looking for the family grave plot.  Thank you.  -Susan Holmes (nee Stein) of Great Mills, MD USA

Keith Tindell

2010 08 09

I made my first trip to sea from London to Botwood and return, we loaded rolls of paper. The ships name was TREWORLAS, and the year was 1958. As a fresh young lad of 16years, i remember the beauty of the area. my memory dims, but i recall in those days we tied up to a wooden jetty, and the town was very small

Connie (Budgell) Chayter

2010 08 03

we hope that everyone had a Fabulous time for Botwood Day and everything that was happening this summer ..


2010 08 01

Further to my last…my email is (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


2010 08 01

Hello All,

I love the website. I really wish I could make it for come home year!  As I have never been to Botwood and I would love to make the trip in honour of my grandmother, who past away a few years ago.

Actually that is why I am posting this message I am looking to work on my family tree and I do not have much information. Although my Grandmother and I were very close, I did not record all of her wonderful stories and family information before she passed. My grandmother was Anne (Thompson) Reid, from Botwood. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate an email.

Coreen Mercer

2010 07 23

Well I’m sorry to say that i wont be home for come home year. Had to make a trip home in June. But I wish everyone all the best in the activities that will be taking place during that time. Wish I could see all the people that I havent seen since I left home many years ago.
Hopefully there will be more homecomings and will get to see you all againl


karen burry [nee vineham]

2010 07 21

just hi to everyone

hope you all have a great time at botwood day .

Roger Burt

2010 07 16

I’m Scottish living in Edinburgh. My father Martin Burt and his brother Ron came to Scotland during WW2 to work in timber camps for the war effort. I believe that though originally from Hawke’s Bay he may also have lived in Botwood.

I’d be grateful for any information.

Kind Regards

Roger Burt

Barbara Diamond Gill

2010 07 13

Happy Come Home Year, Botwood!
I’ve lived in Botwood all my life!  Daughter of Willian & Gertrude Diamond. Love my home town! A Diamond Reunion is being held in Botwood on July 31st. and August 2nd.  Looking forward to this event, as well as the Come Home Year Celebrations, and meeting family members and friends I haven’t seen for a long time.  Let’s make our celebrations a time to remember!

Connie Sheppard Gill

2010 07 08

I did move away to Ontario when I was 20 years old but moved back again at 27.  Married now with two lovely children and here to stay!!  I love my hometown and there is nothing that could drag me away.  Can’t wait to see all my old friends who plan on returning for the Come Home Celebrations!!!  The more the better, hope to see you all real soon!!!


2010 07 07

I have 2 cousins living in Botwood. I love visiting, I hope to be back real soon. I always have a good time, such a lovely place.
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Bob Brent

2010 07 04

Hi there,hope your celebrations all go well for the town and all the people that has put in a great amount of time to make it rememberable for everyone who can attend. I left Botwood in 1973 at the end of grade nine with my parents and been back a fare amount but haven’t been able to stay long,  much like this year.Mary Jane and I will be down for Botwood Day and the week following.  If there is anyone down as well or still living in the area that I grew up with, I’d like to see or hear from you. My e-mail is (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . All thebest!

Eunice Burry Haave

2010 06 26

i left botwood in 1961 ,married a norwegein and been living in norway now for 48 yr going on 49 yr this xmas, the last time i was home was 3yr ago. hope to get back again soon . botwood well always be home for me .

Fronie Butler,Meister

2010 06 26

I am looking forward to Botwood Days, hoping to see childwood friends & family members. I live in Nova Scotia now & will be flying over to Botwood for these events.


2010 06 23

Between July 1958m and Februaryb 1963 I spent many wonderful days in Botwood. I was a cadet on Dartwood and Granwood.

If anyone who visits this site remembers me, please say hallow

Tracey Sceviour

2010 06 07

Love the web site. Will be in Botwood for Botwood Day. Looking forward to it. Lots of fun to be had!!


2010 06 02

hi to all, my husband and i are coming to Botwood this summer for come home year, i have lots of cousins who live there and i love to see them, my dad Roy pollard worked at the paper shed in Botwood for many years, the man(Tor Keiser) in one of the other posts talks of the ship the Artensis and i remember it being in port and my dad talking about loading it and sometimes he would bring some of the guys that worked on the ships home with him and that was a long time ago, anyway i’ll be home with bells on, can’t wait to see my kin again
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gloria langdon

2010 05 31

i am so looking forward to this botwood come home year , to meet with old friends ,that i havnt seen in awhile

carol ann sheppard

2010 05 31

it has been 10 years, i think its time for me to go home and have some fun.

Jenna Burry

2010 05 24

heyy this is just so cool and botwood is the place to be.

Nena Curlew

2010 05 24

i loooooove my home town i miss it soo much
but fort mcmurray is where the money is. come home year 2010 BE THEEEERE <3

Harvey Sheppaed

2010 05 08

Hello everybody
I am hoping to get back home this year for the big celebration
Its been a long time,haven`t seen the guys or girls i grew up with since i left or the friends from high school,always wondered what they are doing now. hope to see them soon

Jan Arild Lindstad

2010 05 04

We will visit Botwood for the coming home week in July. Love to see you all again!
Marit and Jan Arild from Norway

Jan Arild Lindstad

2010 05 02

We will visit Botwood this summer to take part in the selebration of the 2010 come home year. Marit and I spent many summers in Botwood in the seventies.  We made friends with many fantastic people and we hope to meet them all again this summer.

sherrie Burton

2010 04 19

Does anyone know of a Lorraine Langdon she would be about 60 years of age at this time??


2010 04 16

im on this site lol

Barbara Ledrew

2010 04 05

I have found this town of Botwood website very interesting.  i remember hearing all kinds of stories and answers about the questions asked in the about emails.  the building at the end of military road is probably the building tht was used to store the old fire truck, when i was a small girl.  it is next to the Arl;ie family home.  i remember the ships that docked there and watched the trains bring down the paper from the mill.  i would like to help those who asked for help.  my email address is (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  i am sure that the Come Home Year of 2010 is going to be a big success.  there are a lot of people working to make it an exciting summer.  take care and wishing all those of you who are homesick, a safe and happy trip back to your home to Botwood..

Ron Elliott

2010 03 22

This is to Raymond Jerry Elliott who wrote in asking about the Elliott Family of Botwood.  And to all descendents of the Elliotts in Botwood Harbour.  I have assembled a family tree which I hope will some day include every one of you.  To date there are approximately 1250 names on that tree.  Raymond, you are already there, if your Grandfather’s name was Samuel.  Anyone interested in adding to the data, I have, or correcting the data that I think I have, please get in touch with me.  Call 905 778 9306 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  I’d love to hear from you.
                                      Ron Elliott

jenn randell

2010 03 11

i’m from botwood n,l and the last time i lived home was 5 years a go and hoping to be home for come home year , miss home,


2010 02 25

I have a brother Eddie Elliott and my fathers name was Andy.  My mother was Lizzie Sacery.  I miss the salmon fishing and the music. Bridges To Recovery

Frank Clarke

2010 02 13

In 1970, the Botwood Town Council ran a contest to solicit designs for a town crest. I thought about for awhile and then
submitted my design with an explanation of what the symbols
and wording of the crest meant.

On september first 1970, I received a letter from the council
informing me that I had won the contest. A cheque for $20 was

The cheque is long gone, but the satisfaction of designing the
crest still remains with me.

steven hurley

2010 02 10

what is the old building on the corner of milatary road

Cheyanne Smart

2010 02 10

Hi Everyone,

I’m the grand-daughter of the late Reg Smart and I am currently
partaking in a contest in his honour. Red Rose Tea is offering an
opportunity for an individual to experience a once in a life time experience where he/she is able to live and work in Africa for a week - this individual I hope could potentially be me. I have written a 200 word inspired piece dedicated to my best friend, my pop. I
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I need YOU to vote in order to make this happen.

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Sandra Thomas

2010 01 27

This message is for Bruce Hart who posted above. Please contact me. My Mom was a Hart and I had an Uncle Bruce Hart. I believe we may be related. I too plan on being in Botwood during their celebrations.

Doreen Manuel Cramm

2010 01 27

Hi everyone, Bob and I are hoping to get home for “Come Home Year”!!  We were home last summer, but would love to come again for this important event and see everyone.  We moved to Fort McMurray in 2002 and we’re hoping to move back in the next two or three years.  Looking forward to seeing you all in July.  Until then, God Bless!!!

Cindy (LeMoine) Torraville

2010 01 25

Me and my family are hoping to come home this year for “Come Home Year”, it’s been awhile since me and my family have been home together, we are both from Botwood, my husbands name is (Glenn Torraville) and we have many fond memories of our child hood, we fondly think of our friends that we haven’t seen for so many years and can’t wait to see them again. Can’t wait to see some of our family members that we haven’t seen for awhile as well. If any one of our friends see this, I have left my email address and I would love to hear from you. Drop me a note and let me know how you have been.

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Jerry Elliott

2010 01 25

Does anyone remember the Elliott family that lived in Botwood?  I have a brother Eddie and my parents were Andy and Lizzie Elliott.

Raymond Jerry Elliott

2010 01 24

Hoping to make it home for homecoming events.  I have a brother Eddie Elliott and my fathers name was Andy.  My mother was Lizzie Sacery.  I miss the salmon fishing and the music.  Looking forward to a great time!

janet Pope

2010 01 23

Hi everyone, Try and come home this year, 2010, I am on one of the subcommittees and there are many of us Botwood volunteers working togather to make Come Home Year 2010 a success. We are very excited this year about our plans in the making. I love my home town and wouldnt live anywhere else. So come on Home! Reserve your accomadations now!  Have a nice day!

Debbie Brazil Insley

2010 01 21

Hello to everyone back home, way to long since I seen everyone, will try to get home for the great celebration. What a party it will be.

bill hammond

2010 01 12

hi carey parsons been trying to contact you with info.about granwood, problems with your address, you can contact me at
(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

shaun snow

2010 01 03

been away for 20 years comeing home for botwood day cant wait

gladys mcdiarmid nee pollard

2010 01 03

hi to all, my husband and i are coming to Botwood this summer for come home year, i have lots of cousins who live there and i love to see them, my dad Roy pollard worked at the paper shed in Botwood for many years, the man(Tor Keiser) in one of the other posts talks of the ship the Artensis and i remember it being in port and my dad talking about loading it and sometimes he would bring some of the guys that worked on the ships home with him and that was a long time ago, anyway i’ll be home with bells on, can’t wait to see my kin again.

Dan Penton

2010 01 01

Would like to come home for a visit. Been away for too long

Jerry and Linda Carter

2010 01 01

Home is Botwood and always will be forever. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

john threadgold

2009 12 16

i was on the granwood tom beaton was the cpt followed buy dave blagg

Carey Parsons

2009 12 04

Hi, my name is Carey Parsons. This message is for Mr. Bill Hammond, Mr. Howard Snaith, or anyone else who has information regarding the Granwood. My Father worked on the Granwood during the late 60’s, and I would like any information that you may have. You may write to me direct at the following email address: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Thank you kindly,

john threadgold

2009 12 03

was on the granwood from 1967 till 1970 as a deckhand tom beaton was the master then david blagg i am in contact with a few old friends from botwood now

madeline verge elliott

2009 12 02


madeline verge elliott

2009 12 02

moved away in 1998,hope to get home for 2010 come home year.hi to everyone who remembers me

Jörn Gaeth

2009 12 01

I visit Botwood in 1972 and 1973 with the Vessel Peter Wesch and I follwed in love to a Girl named Gloria Langdon. so, if she lives still in Botwood maybe she haave a change to contact me. I never forgot her

Bruce Hart

2009 11 01

I would like to visit and meet relatives I have never seen before.Botwood day 2010 looks like it would be a good time.

Lorie Steiner

2009 10 09

My dad, Herbert Sales, was stationed in Nfld. in World War II, building docks for the ships. He’s now almost 90 years old and suffering from Alzheimers, but the thing he remembers best was the time he spent in and around Botwood. He has several photos taken at the time and also some of a winter train wreck, but I’m not sure if that was in Botwood or not. Could have been in Nova Scotia. His memories are getting a little muddled. Anyway, I thought he was making the place up until I came across your website by accident today. I’d love to hear more about the war years there if anyone has some insight. Thanks.

Jody Payne

2009 10 06

Its been so long since I’ve been home (11 years) I think its about time ! Enough of this working for a couple weeks I’m coming home ! smile

terry edison

2009 10 02

hi everyone .left botwood in 1970 .hope to see you all in 2010.

Cathy Jacobsen Ouellette

2009 09 28

I’ve just recently moved back to NL after being gone almost 18 yrs.  Looking forward to spending more time catching up with family and “old” friends!

Guy Snow

2009 09 10

Hoping to go back in 2010 for a visit…


2009 08 22



Tor Keiser ex ship: Artensis, Drammen Norway

2009 08 14

Hei all
I was on the Norwegian ship Artensis from Drammen Norway in 1964 1965 I would very much like to have a connectons with with people in Botwood who whas seilig at the same time i did.
I am working in Norwegian televison and would like to make a story of the norwegian who was used to spend their life in Canada. If anyone can give me info i will be happy
I can call back or send an email
Have a nice day

Howard Snaith

2009 07 21

Attention Bill Hammond - Capt Tom Beaton was my Grandfather and Master on the Granwood during that time in the 60’s when you sailled on the Granwood. I went to sea years later and also became Master, if you want to trade sea tales let me know Cheers

Howard Snaith

bill hammond

2009 07 20

does anyone know anything about marilyn humber or peggy snow we used to hang out in the dewdrop cafe,a lot of coke drank there and lots of johnny cash on the jukebox this would be 1968 when iused to visit town on mv granwood. I know marilyn has a son jeff or geoff

Lisa Lane

2009 07 15

Hi to all my families, love & miss you dearly. Enjoy the pics tremendously.

rob skolik

2009 06 28

  Does anyone in Botwood know when and where the Hemeon reunion will be held? I’m writing on behalf of Irene Hemeon ,born in Botwood. I’ve searched the net a dozen ways and can not find it. It is supposed to be big with Hemeons coming up from the U.S.
If anyone can help us it would be greatly appreciated.

                                                          Rob Skolk

                                            e-mail: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Anders Petersson

2009 06 09

Just found an old photo of me as a baby taken in Botwood Art Studio by E.J. Lanning. In 1949 ! Is it still there ??
Anders Petersson

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