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Driving east on the Trans-Canada Highway, be sure to turn off on Route 350 and visit one of Newfoundland’s best kept secrets, the Town of Botwood. The Town of Botwood,incorporated in 1960 with a current population of approximately 3100, is a small community nestled in the heart of the Exploits Valley, a beautiful area which encompasses much of Central Newfoundland. Primarily a seaport town, Botwood has a stunning landscape, including a scenic and peaceful harbour, suitable for both leisure and economic purposes, and boasts a rich history. The townspeople of the area are friendly folk, who enjoy conversing with the town’s visitors and participating in the many local festivities and recreational activities which take place throughout the seasons. Featuring all the amenities of a larger town while still maintaining the rustic country charm which appeals to so many people, Botwood surely deserves a visit on your journey through this beautiful province. One of Botwood’s larger and more important industries is tourism. With such a vast array of scenic natural landscapes, historic monuments and sites, top rate accommodations, and the world famous hospitality that Newfoundland is known for, it is no wonder that people come from far and wide to partake in the Botwood experience. Not only does Botwood accommodate a normal entourage of visitors each year, but each summer season it also plays host to numerous caravans of RV’s and motor homes, from all across North America. These caravans more often than not spend a few days in our community, and usually reside on the Botwood airbase, a large tarmac which was created during World War II, and is coincidently one of Botwood’s most popular tourist attractions. Many times, visitors to our town will comment how they have never experienced such a quiet and picturesque atmosphere, and how the friendliness of the townsfolk is a delightful surprise. Not only is Botwood a tourist’s paradise, but it is also a haven for current and future economic development. Botwood features a sheltered harbour, with little to no fog year round, and the rich seaport history has provided the harbour with multiple docks, moorings, services, and equipment for operating virtually any kind of marine-influenced business. The airbase also features a newly installed marina, designed for breaking down waves and guiding ships into the harbour at night. Botwood also has a populous which extends beyond the town’s borders, as individuals in the neighboring towns of Northern Arm, Peterview, and Phillip’s Head often frequent this area for supplies and services. Importing and exporting are not the only economic activities available in this area, as mining is also a viable industry. The lands of Central and Southern Newfoundland are rich with valuable minerals and deposits, ready for excavation. To learn more about Botwood’s economic development activities and possibilities, please feel free to contact us any time via email at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), by phone at (709) 257-2839, or by fax at (709) 257-3330. Botwood is a town with a dramatic history and a confident future. The townsfolk take great pride in their community, and have worked hard to make Botwood a modern town with excellent recreation, education, and health care facilities, while still maintaining its natural splendor. First class accommodations and beautiful attractions make Botwood an ideal stop during any tourist’s venture through this province. Make Botwood a stop on your itinerary and we’re sure you’ll agree, Botwood truly is one of Newfoundland’s best kept secrets!